IVAM Focus Group Marketing

Audio content for corporate communications & marketing

Podcasts are booming. Voice assistance systems are increasingly gaining acceptance. The GenZ no longer types on the smartphone, but sends voice mails almost exclusively. The trend is moving in the direction of "listening"!

What can audio content marketing look like for SMEs?

At the next meeting of the IVAM Focus Group Marketing, we therefore want to discuss the topic of "Audio Content for Corporate Communications & Marketing". What ideas can small and medium-sized enterprises adopt for their corporate communications and what can a content strategy look like? The workshop of the Focus Group will take place on September 28, 2022 from 11:00 - 15:00 (CET) in Dortmund, Germany.  

Where is the podcast trend heading?

How can the medium "podcast" enrich corporate communications? During the upcoming session, podcast expert Georg Partes will provide insights into target groups and market shares and inform about possible applications for companies. How can a podcast be anchored in the communication mix? Which topics can be transported with it? How much effort is required for a corporate podcast? The presentation will take place in German language


For IVAM members, participation in Focus Group meetings is free of charge. Non-members may attend three times by paying an administrative fee of € 99.00 (plus VAT), which is also due in case of non-participation. Of course, the nomination of a substitute participant is possible at any time and without additional costs.

About the IVAM Focus Group Marketing: 

In our focus group, marketing and communication managers as well as c-level executives from the network discuss current issues and sensible B2B concepts together several times a year: Strategies and concepts are discussed together in order to better incorporate the needs of customers from various high-tech areas such as microsystems technology, nanotechnology, MEMS, photonics, sensor and measurement technology as well as organic and printed electronics. Central aspects are an open exchange of experiences, useful information and exclusive networking. The topics are oriented towards the needs and resources of high-tech SMEs.