We develop microtechnology-based detection and monitoring solutions for health and agro/food applications, being our expertise focused on two main areas:

1. Development of ad hoc and adaptive monitoring systems including microelectrodes and sensing elements, measurement cells and sensor holders, electronics and wireless communications.

2. Plastic/polymer-based microfluidic devices and structures with integrated microelectrodes, scaffolds and (bio)sensors.


Biosensors, biodevices, microfluidic platforms and, in general, the biosystem the customer needs either for life sciences, health and medical technology or for the agro-food industry. Handling with biological fluids (urine, saliva, sera, sweat, etc.) or alcoholic beverages, dairy and cold meat industry products and many other food samples is also a pillar of our expertise. Irrespective from the sample nature, detected/monitored targets can range from molecular markers, immunoreactions, pathogens to cells, bacteria and yeasts, biofilms, etc.


We design, fabricate and bring prototypes up to a pre-industrialization stage providing with a specific solution for customer’s needs in detection and monitoring of a wide range of biological, chemical and physical parameters, i.e.:
  • Early detection of undesired (bio)chemical compounds and microorganisms
  • On-line or in-line monitoring of physical/(bio)chemical parameters
  • Drug delivery, cytotoxicity and absorption assessment platforms
  • Cell analysis platforms (single cell, 2D&3D migration)