microLIQUID. Experts in Microfluidics

Microfluidics solutions for Businesses

Positioned in the market for supplying to our customers with a full solution:
•Polymer smart consumables
•Microfluidic(Polymers, Glass and Silicon)
•Design and manufacturing of Automated instrumentation (e.g. POC-IVD and drug delivery device

Product solutions to enter in the market (3-18 months depends on product package)
You can find all the information at www.microliquid.com


Consumables Manufacturing
• Up to 50.000 units to small batches (Polymer, Glass, Silicon)
• For bigger volumes, mass production techniques (injection molding…)
• Manufacturing under high quality standards (e.g. ISO 13485 )

Biosensor(e.g.Electrochemical) - Microfluidic chips - External packaging
Flow Control (Microvalves, Flow Sensors...)
Fast Prototyping microfluidic Chips
PCR with Array
Holders and Connectors: Filling and Protection for the Chips
Building Block Architectures (Electronics, flow control, detection)
You can find all the information at www.microliquid.com


Reagents Integration: Gelling and Lyophilization
IVD microDevices Development
IVDFluidic Control and Detection Development
IVD and Drug Delivery automation
Design Ad-hoc Solutions to our customers based on the specifications of the market (Pharmaceutical, IVD …)
Different Product Packages: from 6-18 months to enter in the market
Design, development and serial manufacturing (OEM) of automated instrumentation and Point of Use equipment

Embedded Electronics and detection modules - Flow Control modules - Full Automated equipment
You can find all the information at www.microliquid.com