Multiphoton Optics GmbH

MPO offers a high-precision 3D Printer Platform (LithoProf3D®) and Software (LithoSoft3D®) for the fabrication of arbitrarily shaped structures in the volume or on the surface of materials. The equipment allows additive and subtractive processes. Our technology supports a scalable process for the high-precision fabrication of 3D optical interconnects (sometimes called Optical Wire Bonds) to integrate optical links on-chip, between optical chips, packages, and printed circuit-boards. The processes are compatible to standard processes in electronic manufacturing, saving app. 80 % of the process steps. This enables to significantly reduce energy consumption in production and to save other resources in production and in end-use, for example in high performance computers. We also provide prototyping & engineering services for aspheric or free-form microoptics, and biomedical products, such as scaffolds for tissue engineering, microfluidic cells, or drug delivery structures.


• LithoProf3D® - Equipment for high-precision 3D printing for applications in optics/photonics, life sciences, biomedicine, mask fabrication, etc. The system uses the software LithoStream3D for controlling the equipment and LithoSoft3D as intelligent slicer.
• LithoBath3D® - The LithoProf3D equipment can be easily extended with a bath setup to fabricate structures in the cm range.
• LithoDILL3D® - Dip-In 3D printing (patented by the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft für Angewandte Forschung e.V., licensed to Multiphoton Optics GmbH).
• LithoSoft3D® - Slicer software to create GCodes, designing of structures with different fabrication strategies, stl repair feature, etc. The slicer is part of the LithoProf3D equipment, but it is also available as stand-alone product.


• LithoP&E - Prototyping and engineering support for industry, institutes, and universities.
• Consulting Service, for example with respect to the implementation of conventional process technologies (two-dimensional) and three-dimensional process technologies (high-precision 3D printing, 3D printing) for a large variety of materials in production environments - from the conceptual phase to the implementation.