Umfassende Prototypenfabrik, die sich ständig weiterentwickelt

Comprehensive Prototype Plant Continues to Evolve.

Prototype parts processing from 1 piece.


Micropress Prototyping Factory with Short Delivery Time 

We can produce micropress components like connectors ranging from 1 to 200 pieces within three weeks.

Material Inventory for Achieving Short Delivery Time

We are capable of producing parts such as connectors, covers, spring plates, cases, and brackets. We handle thicknesses from 0.1 to 2.0mm, fabricating parts through manual processes by in house. With a stock of various materials like phosphor bronze, stainless steel, and sheet metal, we can swiftly process orders. 

Flexible Production of Simple Press Parts

For simple press parts, we can accommodate varying production quantities. Up to 500 pieces, we offer more economical pricing compared to stamping. However, beyond 1000 pieces, the cost becomes higher than that of stamping. 

Precision Blank Processing for Micromachining

Material blanking is achieved through laser cutting or wire EDM, enabling precise machining. Laser cutting for micromachining achieves a minimum hole diameter of Φ0.2mm and a minimum slit width of 0.05mm. Wire EDM allows for hole diameters of Φ0.3mm and slit widths of 0.12mm. Pitch accuracy is ±0.02mm with laser processing and ±3μm with wire EDM. Our bending accuracy is ±0.05mm, applicable across a range from sesame seed size (3mm) to orange size (80mm). 

Mold Design and Part Production by Specialized Technicians with Over 10 Years of Experience 

Our team of specialized technicians, with over 10 years of experience, handles the design of molds and parts. They undergo practical training and education after graduation and manage the design of processes and molds before commissioning the production to the mold cutting department. Molds produced within a short timeframe undergo adjustments, and if necessary, additional molds are requested from the cutting department in case of defects. The completed molds are used for manual forming, one process at a time. If there are 10 processes for one part, 1000 forming operations are needed for a production of 100 pieces. Without dividing the tasks, it would be impossible to meet the delivery deadline. 

Rapid Finishing with Cutting and 3D Laser in Addition to Press Processing

For parts that take a long time with only press processing, we can expedite completion. Using a machining center, we trim excess parts or elements that may deform during forming, and we rapidly finish them using 3D laser technology. Post-processing allows for efficient and quick processing. 

Thickness Adjustment with Cutting and Crushing & Production from Round Bars for Unavailable Plate Materials

Drawing on years of experience in material procurement, we have established partnerships with material suppliers specializing in various fields. Round bars and sheet materials, such as carbon steel and phosphor bronze with a thickness of 0.05mm, are readily available. For non-standard thicknesses, we create materials through cutting and polishing, and if sheets are unavailable, we carve out plate materials from round bars. Even in cases where the thickness varies within a single component, such as bus bars, we can mill the thickness before or after bending, or use pressing to adjust the thickness. 

Our Features

We have the capability to process a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, copper, titanium, and quenched materials (HRC60), accommodating various materials (Please refer to the PDF).Proficient in precise and intricate machining from sesame seed size (1mm) to orange size (50*50mm) using milling and turning.We can handle components that can only be processed by combining milling and turning, utilizing 3D data. Additionally, aluminum 5-axis machining is efficiently and accurately executed using the CADCAM software called TopSolid. 

Micro Machining and Composite Turning

We guarantee high precision with ±3μm in milling and ±5μm in turning. Our machining center is equipped with Roku-Roku Smart Technology CEGA, while our turning machines feature the MAZAK INTEGREX i-100, ensuring high-quality machining. CEGA operates in a constant temperature environment at 23℃ degrees. The inspection room is also maintained at 23℃ degrees, providing stable precision assurance. 

Cleaning & Delivery

Products after processing undergo degreasing through hydrocarbon-based vacuum ultrasonic cleaning, ensuring the highest quality finish. Our strength lies in rapid response; we complete processing within 2 weeks from the order and arrange air transportation within 1 week. Therefore, delivery within one month of placing an order is possible. 


Our greatest strength lies in the fact that all employees join as new graduates and become technical experts with over 10 years of work experience. We receive continuous education internally and externally, utilizing the latest technology to meet customer requirements. 

Maintaining and Updating Cutting-Edge Equipment

As an example, the MAZAK VARIAXIS i-300AWC is scheduled to be operational in December 2023, aiming to speed up processing with 24-hour availability. We promise to respond promptly to customer needs and provide high-quality products.


552-84 Shinkocho, Hitachinaka-city, Ibaraki-Pref
312-0005 Hitachinaka
Mitarbeiteranzahl: 80
Gründungsjahr: 1968
Umsatz: 1 billion yen


Nobuhiro Nishino
+81 29 265 9595


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