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4 questions for IVAM board member Bärbel Schilling

We have spoken to the five IVAM executive board members in short interviews about key technologies, technology trends and the relevance of networks. Bärbel Schilling from Plan Optik AG in Elsoff has been a member of the executive board since March 2015. In particular, she brings experience in the successful networking of small and medium-sized companies as well as know-how in the field of internationalization to the board work.

4 questions for Dominique Bouwes, IVAM Deputy Chairwoman of the Executive Board

Get to know our executive board members better! We have interviewed them for you to ask about trends and innovations, key technologies and the relevance of international business networks. Dominique Bouwes is the newest member of the executive board. She was elected as new member and Deputy Chairwoman in April 2019. In particular, she brings her experience in the management of SMEs to the board. She is also active in the area of financial management of the association.