Dr. Frank Bartels
Founder / CEO
Bartels Mikrotechnik GmbH
Jun. 3, 2020
Dr. Frank Bartels
Founder / CEO
Bartels Mikrotechnik GmbH

How micropumps can support corona diagnostics

The course of the crisis depends heavily on how we act and manage now

I am saddened that people are losing their lives here. I am also sad about what this means for the economy and what restrictions we have now. Because our freedom and the chance to go wherever we want is important. The crisis depends heavily on how we manage now.

I don't think we can eradicate this virus completely. That's why I'm against any kind of complete lockdown.

The crisis will go through the world and the infection will eventually arrive in Africa and South America and return here. We have to realize quickly that we cannot shut down the economy during this time and that we have to get out of this lockdown. 

Ultimately, the economy will support the entire healthcare system – which will enable us to carry out all treatments properly.

The whole world now needs microfluidics for better and faster diagnostics

There are opportunities – especially for us. In recent years, science and research have developed a lot of technology that can now pave the way to the solution. I am very happy about that. So I hope that we will find antibodies or vaccines as soon as possible.

At Bartels Mikrotechnik, we are active in the field of microtechnology and especially in microfluidics.

One of our observations is that many companies that are active in diagnostics are trying to develop medications and are now increasingly active. For this, if you want to use modern biotechnology, you need microstructures. All of a sudden we see that we are now receiving inquiries from all over the world that we have never seen before.

Especially the development of mobile rapid tests is currently being tried by many companies – also with the help of our microcomponents. A notable example is GENSPEED from BIOTECH. Also in the field of drug delivery of vaccines or other drugs many companies trust in our micropumps. We have received further inquiries for dispensers of disinfectants. I find this exciting and I am also a little proud of the fact that we can make a small contribution to getting the situation back on track.

I believe that our micropump plays a role with our customers who are buying right now.

I hope that in the future there will be a compact diagnostic device that is on the table of every doctor and which is able to provide point-of-care diagnostics. It would, of course, be excellent if one of our components were to be included there. And even if not: the main thing is that there will be such devices soon! I personally would be delighted.

Source: Bartels Mikrotechnik

We have to face the question: what is really important?

During this time a question often arises: what is really important? It is really sad when people in hospitals or nursing homes are not allowed to be visited. Suddenly the potential for human suffering increases when old or sick people have to die alone. I wish that people do not create a psychological distance, that people are together again with their hearts and as soon as they can be together physically, that they do so again.

It is also bad from an economic point of view, if it is forbidden to carry out certain activities.

Here I feel sorry for the airline industry. I feel sorry for the restaurants. Right now it's shops/businesses that have not built up such large reserves. Even the big chains are getting into trouble. Unfortunately companies have already been pushed into the existential abyss. For this reason I am also worried that the corona crisis could increase the number of mental illnesses as a result.

So: let's take care of ourselves and our country. One of the most important tools to improve the situation is better diagnostics.

In this sense, we are proud of the contribution microtechnology and especially microfluidics has made to improving diagnostics.

Source: Bartels Mikrotechnik

Our micropumps, microvalves and fluidic microchannels are of course not the whole diagnostic system. But they are offered to companies that develop and produce important components for their work in this field. We have been gaining experience in this field for more than 20 years, which is a small part of our impressive expertise in biotechnological and diagnostic matters.

I am sure that we will emerge from this crisis together and stronger.