Alicia Thiehoff

Bartels Mikrotechnik
Mar. 9, 2023
Alicia Thiehoff

Bartels Mikrotechnik

Microfluidic Solutions for Medical and Diagnostics

Building Point-of-Care systems using microfluidics

Particularly exciting for the field of microfluidics is the Point-of-care testing for pathogens such as MRSA or COVID-19. Here, there are various possibilities to perform these tests quickly and thoroughly – without having to send samples to central laboratories. That way, the test is performed closely to where the sample is collected, and the result is needed. This diminishes the need for the expensive and time-intensive shipping of the samples. Point-of-care diagnostic systems are significantly more accurate than a simple rapid antigen test, while being smaller and less expensive than a large laboratory. It is a fully digital system that allows quantitative measurements and thus tracking and monitoring.

Rapid detection of all relevant hospital germs and other pathogens

For this purpose, Bartels Mikrotechnik has worked together with a client that sells a test system that enables rapid detection of all relevant hospital germs and other pathogens. The portable device is small enough that it can be easily added to pharmacies, hospital wards, medical offices and other places where these tests are needed. In addition, the system can also be quickly and cost-effectively converted to other viruses or germs. Thus, switching between COVID-19 and MRSA is easily feasible. 

A major advantage over simple rapid tests is that the viral load can also be determined. Thus, not only is it tested whether antigens are present, but also in what quantity they are present. In addition, antibodies can be tested and thus an unrecognized and survived disease or the immune status can be visualized and quantitatively classified. In the case of, for example, COVID-19 tests, a decision can then be made whether further vaccination is necessary. This allows for thorough Point-of-care testing.

Modular systems to build medical solutions 

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to some major changes in the area of Point-of-Care and medical systems. One significant difference is that Point-of-Care systems are now more widely recognized. Since COVID-19 started, almost everyone has learned about different types of Point-of-Care and laboratory testing. This has increased the importance of this topic in society in general. 

Simultaneously, the need for Point-of-Care devices skyrocketed, and many labs had to expand their resources and testing capabilities. This benefited their suppliers. A common challenge when it comes to building Point-of-Care devices is the degree of flexibility needed. While most systems have a similar general set-up, they still require adjustments for specific tests. Bartels Mikrotechnik’s approach to this issue is to offer modular systems. That way, a client can adapt the system to their specific needs and requirements. 

Micropumps, which pump minute quantities of gases or liquids, are at the heart of microfluidics. Their services are indispensable in many fields. In Point-of-Care applications, their main job is to transport the right liquids at the right time to ensure a consistent and accurate test result. In the next step, you add microelectronics that allow for the easy control of the micropumps and any additional components needed. 

As a result, we now have a rich portfolio of electronic components for microtechnology, from laboratory applications to integration into mobile devices.

For more than 25 years now, Bartels Mikrotechnik has been a globally active manufacturer and development service provider in the field of microfluidics and microtechnology. 

Together with our partners, we help our customers to find the right microfluidic solution for their application. As microfluidic solution maker, Bartels offers a complete, application-oriented and modular liquid handling system. With our evaluation kits and the mpSmart you can test our mp6 micropump directly in your application. We have already prepared everything for you. We also have a large partner network that enables us to offer you high-quality components tested by us to complement your microfluidic system.

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