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4 questions for Dominique Bouwes, IVAM Deputy Chairwoman of the Executive Board

Get to know our executive board members better! We have interviewed them for you to ask about trends and innovations, key technologies and the relevance of international business networks. Dominique Bouwes is the newest member of the executive board. She was elected as new member and Deputy Chairwoman in April 2019. In particular, she brings her experience in the management of SMEs to the board. She is also active in the area of financial management of the association.
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Ten tips: This is how medical technology companies in China get off to a good start

The first step into a new market has to be carefully considered. The decision is often made to exhibit at a suitable trade fair abroad in order to get to know the new market and its customers better. It is really important not to start unprepared. IVAM accompanies small and medium-sized companies that develop products for the medical technology sector to China.
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It's always great doing business in Singapore

Personally, I really like Singapore. Maybe because it is a kind of "Asia for beginners". Language barriers and culture shock don't come. That makes it easier for us Europeans to make good international contacts. The excellent infrastructure and the high standards of hygiene, organization and reliability make many things easier that can generally become unplanned obstacles abroad.
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Healthcare in China: Looking forward to another interesting trip

Next week, the China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) in Shanghai is going to open its gates. We will be on-site, for the first time with a joint booth for international high-tech suppliers. Last year, I was there as a visitor and got an interesting insight into the Chinese health sector as part of a delegation trip.
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Success Despite Protectionism - Medical Technology Exhibition in the USA

Protectionist tendencies are on the rise throughout the world. Countries that used to be pioneers of open and free world trade are stalling and building barriers and walls. Populist politicians come into decisive positions and destroy structures that have grown over the years in order to allegedly support their national economy. The US is also taking a pioneering position here.
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Erfolg trotz Protektionismus – Medizintechnikmesse in den USA

Auf der ganzen Welt sind protektionistische Tendenzen auf dem Vormarsch. Länder, die früher Vorreiter eines offenen und freien Welthandels waren, schotten sich ab und bauen Schranken und Hürden auf. Populistische Politiker kommen in entscheidende Positionen und zerstören über Jahre gewachsene Strukturen, um vermeintlich ihre nationale Wirtschaft zu unterstützen. Die USA nehmen auch hier eine Vorreiterposition ein.
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"Human health is a high good and it is protected worldwide by special regulations."

IVAM Managing Director Thomas R. Dietrich is active as a specialist coordinator for international business relations, regional advisor and delegation leader. He regularly accompanies small and medium-sized enterprises on their way into international markets, especially in Asia.