Mona Okroy-Hellweg
Senior Manager Marketing and Communications
IVAM Microtechnology Network
Oct. 24, 2019
Mona Okroy-Hellweg
Senior Manager Marketing and Communications
IVAM Microtechnology Network

Innovative sensors for diagnostics and monitoring applications

Individualized and personalized medication becomes child's play through the interaction of sensors and other high-tech components. Measured values, such as vital parameters, can be evaluated directly and a change, for example in the amount of medication can be initiated immediately and automatically.

At the IVAM Produkt Market at COMPAMED, sensor technology remains a hot topic. This year, too, there will be market-ready new products, innovations from research and exciting success stories. We would like to provide a short  preview of what the exhibiting companies and institutes at COMPAMED will show you in the field of sensor solutions.

Continuously measurement of cardiovascular parameters 

Advanced in-ear sensor concept. Source: CiS Forschungsinstitut fuer Mikosensorik GmbH

CiS Forschungsinstitut fuer Mikrosensorik GmbH develops and optimizes microsystem technologies for the customer-specific development of silicon-based sensors and sensor systems. 

Based on these competencies, an advanced sensor concept has been realized, which for the first time makes it possible to continuously measure cardiovascular parameters such as blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation in the ear non-invasively in everyday life.

The optical method is based on photo plethysmography, which in combination with specially optimized optical sensors enables pulse wave analysis.




A new generation of medium isolated MEMS capacitive pressure sensors

MEMS capacitive pressure sensors. Image Source: ES Systems

ES Systems has developed a new generation of medium isolated MEMS capacitive pressure sensors suitable for applications with harsh environmental conditions. 

Each sensor integrates a MEMS capacitive pressure sensor die, and a CMOS ASIC. The capacitive principle of the operation has significant advantages over the widely used piezoresistive one. 

Tests have shown that the sensor can withstand up to 100x bar overpressure. The sensors are provided calibrated and compensated at various temperature and pressure ranges from 1 bar to 400 bar.


Artificial Intelligence for Microelectronics and Sensors
Machine Learning on embedded Systems. Image Source: Fraunhofer IMS


Artificial intelligence for microelectronics and sensors 

At COMPAMED 2019, the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems IMS will present the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence for microelectronics and sensors and machine learning on embedded systems. 

These include pressure sensor systems for medical applications, such as theranostic implants, cerebral pressure sensor and tactile hand pressure sensors.


Silicon Flow Sens for fast measuring of gas flow and direction, flow range from 0 to 3.5 m/s.  Image Source: Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG 

Accuracy and consistency in various measurement conditions

Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG is a world-leading manufacturer of physical, chemical and biological sensors.

The product portfolio consists of thin- and thick-film platinum and nickel RTD temperature sensors, thermal mass flow sensors, capacitive humidity sensors, humidity modules, conductivity sensors and biosensors. 

The sensors are characterized by their accuracy and consistency in various measurement conditions. Additionally, as a development & technology partner, IST AG provides consulting, development and production of customized sensors.

Biosensor array for simultaneous measurement of glucose, lactate, glutamine, and glutamate in a 1 µl flow cell. Image Source: Jobst Technologies GmbH

Simultaneous measurement of glucose, lactate, glutamine or glutamate 

The biosensor from Jobst Technologies GmbH allows the simultaneous measurement of glucose, lactate, glutamine or glutamate even from complex mixtures such as whole blood. 

The flow-through biosensor can analyze or continuously monitor glucose and lactate at 48 samples per hour with the first glucose and lactate monitor for critically ill patients (Eirus, Getinge). 

The miniaturized sensor can be used in-vivo for subcutaneous or intravascular applications. In combination with micro-pumps the biosensors enable self-calibrating, auto-sampling portable analyzers.


Flow platform for respiratory applications, the world's smallest differential pressure sensor and a liquid sensor for drug delivery

Single-Use Liquid Flow Sensor for Drug Delivery and Infusion. Image Source: Sensirion AG

Sensirion AG is a manufacturer of innovative sensors for the measurement and control of gas and liquid flow, differential pressure, humidity, temperature, volatile organic compounds (VOC), CO2 and particulate matter (PM2.5). 

The flow and environmental sensors enable safe and reliable devices for ventilation, anesthesia, drug delivery, diagnostic and e-health applications.

The product highlights at this year's COMPAMED are the flow platform for respiratory applications, the world's smallest differential pressure sensor for smart inhalers and a liquid sensor for drug delivery (infusion).

MEMS based pressure sensor solutions 

Pressure sensor in JEDEC SO-10 package with minimal footprint for e.g. portable devices. Image Source: Silicon Microstructures, Inc.

SMI - Silicon Microstructures, Inc. is a premier semiconductor sensor company developing and manufacturing MEMS based pressure sensor solutions for challenging medical applications. The products are suitable for pressure measurement in medical devices, like CPAP or dialysis. 

As calibrated solutions with digital and analog output signal, they work in a small space. The IntraSense line of in-vivo sensors enables pressure sensing anywhere in the human anatomy. The biocompatible sensor and pre-attached wires for signal transmission fit into a 1-French tube and allow for easy integration into invasive medical equipment.


Session: Smart Sensor Solutions: Specialists Session at the COMPAMED HIGH-TECH Forum

The COMPAMED HIGH-TECH Forum in Hall 8a provides insights into research & development, explains technology trends and provides information on the relevant foreign markets for medical technology. Around 70 international speakers and moderators will be presenting expert lectures, discussion rounds and matchmaking sessions on all four days of the fair to initiate contacts. 

In recent years, the Trend Session on "Smart Sensor Solutions" has always been one of the best attended sessions at the COMPAMED HIGH-TECH Forum, which is organized and presented by IVAM. Many visitors inquire after the presentations and contact information in order to establish contacts with the presenting companies. 

Also in this year there will be the session again. On Wednesday, 20 November 2019, representatives of the following companies will be speaking on the stage in Hall 8a, among others 

If you are interested in high-quality, high-precision and future-oriented sensor systems, visit the forum and the IVAM product market at COMPAMED in Düsseldorf. Are you also a sensor manufacturer? We look forward to welcoming you to the IVAM Business Lounge and learning about your products.