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Der IVAM-Podcast: Mikrotechnik als Gamechanger in der Medizintechnik? (4)

Immer kleiner, präziser, smarter und personalisierbar: Moderne Medizintechnik hat in den vergangenen Jahren massiv von den technologischen Innovationen aus der Mikrotechnik profitieren können! Die Möglichkeiten der schönen neuen Medizintechnikwelt scheinen unendlich und werden durch Megatrends wie Künstliche Intelligenz oder Quantentechnologie noch weiter wachsen. Aber ist auch wirklich alles sinnvoll was technisch machbar ist?

How to run a sucessful trade show under pandemic circumstances

Are you currently planning appearances at trade fairs and events? Are you unsure whether everything will work out? Just get used to this feeling and work with it! You have laid the foundation: Because if you manage to organize a successful and safe trade fair appearance in the face of adversity without losing your nerve, nothing will upset you in the future.

Smarte, miniaturisierte Lösungen für Diagnostik und Therapie: Die Highlights der COMPAMED 2021 im Überblick

Endlich wieder Messe live! Endlich wieder Hightech-Medizintechnik in Düsseldorf. Corona hat deutlich gezeigt, wie wichtig Mikro- und Nanotechnik sind, um Innovationen, z.B. für Medikamenten- und Impfstoffentwicklung oder günstige und schnell skalierbare Diagnosemethoden voranzutreiben. Der IVAM-Gemeinschaftstand ist auf der COMPAMED in diesem Jahr in Halle 13 zu finden und zeigt dort smarte, miniaturisierte Lösungen für Diagnostik und Therapie, hochpräzise Fertigungsverfahren und funktionale Materialien.

Fighting pandemics with the help of microfluidics

The pandemic is increasingly becoming a race: a neck-and-neck race between research, development and production of drugs and vaccines on the one hand and mutations on the other. Microfluidics can make all the difference in this race, because microfluidic components accelerate the speed of development and Lab-on-a-chip and chemical microreactors make mobile rapid tests possible and accelerate vaccine development.

NRW-Japan Seminar - Pitch of companies from Fukushima and North-Rhine-Westphalia: Recording of the live stream

Medical technology is a key growth sector in Japan and Germany. It is of great strategic importance in a health-conscious society. Also, the health systems in Japan and Germany face similar challenges, for example, steadily increasing demands due to demographic change.

Laser and Photonics Applications EPIC TechWatch: Recording of the live stream of the virtual COMPAMED

In the medical market, the photonics industry is seeing new product launches that have specific requirements for health applications. Europe is a source of both application markets and innovative technologies. The session on laser and photonic applications, organized and carried out in cooperation with EPIC, shows examples from developers of photonic medical devices and their supply chains.

Smart Sensor Solutions: Recording of the live stream of COMPAMED 2020

Smart products are becoming a reality in more and more markets - including medical technology and health. The key technological pioneers in this development are intelligent sensors that not only collect data, but can also interpret and communicate. The market for medical technology is developing rapidly. Medical products are increasingly focusing on the patient and are becoming more and more functional and intelligent.

Microprecision, Manufacturing and Processing: Recording of the live stream of the virtual COMPAMED

The miniaturization of the dimensions, the precision of the components with their increasing variety of shapes and greater functional integration are the keys to future developments. They are also influenced to a large extent by new technologies that originate from materials engineering and physical process engineering.

Fight against Coronavirus: Recording of the live stream of the virtual COMPAMED

The Corona crisis has turned the world upside down and shown us once again how dependent we are on key technologies such as microtechnology and nanotechnology. These technologies support the fight against Corona, for example, in the field of rapid diagnostics, in the low-cost production of miniaturized components for urgently needed medical devices and in the development of vaccines.

Printed Diagnostics and 3D Printing: Recording of the live stream of the virtual COMPAMED

Individual patient care is becoming increasingly important. On the one hand, this saves valuable resources, for example in terms of medication and diagnostic tools, and on the other hand helps to provide targeted medical treatment for patients' ailments.