Orkide Karasu
Trade Fair Manager
IVAM Microtechnology Network
Apr. 5, 2024
Orkide Karasu
Trade Fair Manager
IVAM Microtechnology Network

IVAM Marketing Award Asia: Celebrating Excellence in Medical Technology Marketing

What is the IVAM Marketing Award Asia @MMA?

The IVAM Marketing Award Asia @MMA is a prestigious award that recognizes and celebrates outstanding achievements in marketing within the medical technology industry. Organized in conjunction with MEDICAL MANUFACTURING ASIA (MMA) 2024, this competition aims to spotlight the creativity and effectiveness of marketing efforts by SMEs operating in this critical sector.

Originating in Germany in 2009, the IVAM Marketing Award Asia has a rich history of honoring innovative marketing campaigns and strategies within the medical technology field. 2024, for the second time, this award is making its mark in Singapore, providing an unparalleled platform for companies to showcase their marketing prowess on an international stage.

What Does the Winner Receive?

The winner of the Award will enjoy a range of exclusive benefits, including:

  • One year free membership with the esteemed IVAM Microtechnology Network, connecting them with a global community of industry professionals and experts.
  • Advertisement with a banner on Medical Manufacturing/ Medical Fair website
  • A prestigious prize trophy and certification serving as a tangible symbol of their marketing excellence.
  • Feature on IVAM's global communications channel, providing unparalleled visibility and recognition for their achievements across the world.

How to Participate?

Participation in the IVAM Marketing Award Asia @ MMA is exclusive to exhibitors of MEDICAL MANUFACTURING ASIA 2024. If your company is showcasing its innovations at this event, you are eligible to apply for this esteemed award.

To enter the competition, simply download the nomination form from the official website and submit your completed application before the deadline of 30th April 2024. Additionally, all finalists will be invited to present their marketing strategies at MEDICAL MANUFACTURING ASIA 2024, providing a unique opportunity to showcase your achievements to industry peers and experts.

  • The jury will evaluate the presentation of your products, technologies or services. 
    Is it informative? Is it creative, extraordinary? Is it entertaining, exciting? 
  • The jury will talk to you about your goals for the fair: Why are you exhibiting at MMA? Who is your target group? What are your plans for the ASEAN region? 

The jury will evaluate which (modern) information and contact options you offer for your customers, e.g. experts at the booth, social media presence, (digital) information material at the fair.

Celebrating Innovation: Reflecting on the Impact of Past Winners and the Evolution of the IVAM Marketing Award Asia

As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming IVAM Marketing Award Asia @MMA 2024, it's only fitting to reflect on the success and excitement of the inaugural competition held in 2022. In partnership with Messe Düsseldorf Asia, IVAM introduced this prestigious award to honor outstanding achievements in marketing within the medical technology industry.

In 2022, we witnessed a remarkable display of innovation and creativity from SMEs across the region. Among the notable finalists were Accumold, Cosmology, and Oliver Healthcare Packaging. Their contributions not only showcased the power of effective marketing but also underscored the vital role of SMEs in driving innovation and growth within the medical technology sector.

Ultimately, it was the team from Oliver Healthcare Packaging, based in Singapore, that clinched the top spot, earning the coveted winner's trophy - the iconic Dortmund Rhino. Their triumph was a testament to their dedication, ingenuity, and strategic vision in navigating the complex landscape of medical technology marketing.

In addition to the prestigious trophy, Oliver Healthcare Packaging was awarded a one-year membership with the IVAM Microtechnology Network, granting them access to a global network of industry experts and resources. Furthermore, they secured a prime advertisement slot at the next edition of MMA, further solidifying their position as leaders in the field.

 “Winning the inaugural Marketing Award Asia in 2022, bolstered our company's image and heightened awareness across various markets, reaffirming our standing as a leading supplier of sterile barrier packaging solutions.” 

Anne Chng, Marketing Manager, APAC, Oliver Healthcare Packaging


Don't Miss Your Chance in Autumn 2024!

As we turn our gaze towards the future, the IVAM Marketing Award Asia @ MMA 2024 promises to be an event filled with anticipation, excitement, and celebration. We invite SMEs from across the region to showcase their innovative marketing strategies for the opportunity to be recognized on an international stage.

The IVAM Marketing Award Asia @MMA is not just an award - it's a chance to gain recognition for your company's innovative marketing efforts, elevate your brand on a global scale, and connect with industry leaders and experts. Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your marketing excellence and take your business to new heights.

For more information and to download the nomination form, visit the official website or contact Marketing-Award@IVAM.com. Join us in celebrating excellence in medical technology marketing!

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