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Quantum technology is the nuclear bomb of the Internet-age

We are at the eve of major changes in society and economy: Quantum Technologies will have a leapfrog impact on almost all industries, healthcare, life-sciences, banking, logistics, communications, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, military, and public safety. This listing is far from being complete. The issue is not if but by when commercially meaningful applications, products and new services will become available.
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Mit diesen 6 Tipps wird das virtuelle Meeting zum Erfolg!

Es ist fester Bestandteil der "neuen Normalität" geworden: Das virtuelle Meeting ist - dank Coronakrise - aus unseren Terminplänen nicht mehr wegzudenken. An manchen Tagen reiht sich Videokonferenz an Videokonferenz. Geht es Ihnen auch so? Damit die Meetings nicht zu nervenaufreibenden Zeitfressern werden, ist es sinnvoll, sie gut vorzubereiten und ein paar Dinge grundlegend zu organisieren.

Coronavirus - how Europe supports its economy

The impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the European economy is currently difficult to assess. What is certain, however, is that the longer the epidemic persists, the stronger the effects will be for each individual industrial company and service provider. At this point, IVAM would like to keep you up-to-date on current measures in the European countries, mainly in which our members are based.
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Transferring data between the EU and Japan is approved by the European Commission

Japan and the EU have had a close economic relations for a long time, especially in the field of microtechnology. According to IVAM’s 2018 economic data survey, more than fifty percent of European microtechnology companies and a quarter of research organizations have business relations with Japan.