Orkide Karasu
Senior Project Manager Trade Fairs and International Activities
Jul. 10, 2024
Orkide Karasu
Senior Project Manager Trade Fairs and International Activities

Reflecting on the Success of APE 2024: A Photonics Experience in Singapore

Joint Booth and Special Exhibition Area

In partnership with EPIC, and W3+, IVAM Microtechnology Network organized a joint booth under the special exhibition area "Photonics+ Europe powered by IVAM, EPIC & W3+." As the first photonics exhibition in the ASEAN region, APE provided an exceptional opportunity for companies to expand their business in Asia's rapidly growing markets. Our Full-Service Package included comprehensive support, furnished stand space, marketing campaigns, speaking slots, security services and ample B2B networking opportunities.

Pre-Expo Company Tours and Networking

Governmental Delegation Tour

Before the show began, we had an exciting day exploring Singapore's photonics landscape. We visited the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), Meridian Innovation, Wavelength Opto-Electronic, MMI Systems Pte Ltd, and Moveon Technologies. These visits, organized by the LUX Photonics Consortium, offered invaluable insights and set a collaborative tone for the event.

Opening Day and Governmental Delegation Tour

The first day of APE 2024 featured a grand opening ceremony followed by a governmental delegation tour, highlighting the significance of photonics technology. The day concluded with the Asia Photonics Expo & Asia Light Conference Night, where members of IVAM and EPIC networked and celebrated together.

Session Highlights 

A key session was "Europe meets ASIA - Innovation in Photonics by W3+, IVAM & EPIC," showcasing the synergy between European and Asian photonics innovations. This session, along with various other talks and presentations, underscored the collaborative potential and technological advancements driving the industry forward.

Engaging Exhibits and Networking: Unforgettable Experiences and Acknowledgements

With around 400 exhibitors across 15,000 square meters, APE 2024 featured sectors such as optical communication, consumer electronics, advanced manufacturing, semiconductor processing, medical technology, and more. The joint booth showcased leading companies including AEMtec GmbH, asphericon, Chroma Technology Corp., dopa diamond tools, Heidelberg Instruments, and many others. This diverse representation provided attendees with comprehensive insights into the latest innovations and market trends.

Special thanks to our partners - CIOE, Informa Connect Singapore, LUX Photonics Consortium, W3+ Fair and EPIC - for their tireless efforts in making this event a success. Their dedication ensured seamless experiences, invaluable networking opportunities, and engaging presentations that celebrated cutting-edge technology and collaboration.

Looking Ahead to APE 2025

The success of APE 2024 sets a wonderful precedent for next year’s event. APE 2025, scheduled for February 26-28, 2025, at Marina Bay Sands, promises to build on this momentum. With continued collaboration among IVAM, EPIC, and W3+, the "Photonics+ Europe" special exhibition area will once again provide an excellent platform for business and technical exchanges.

Again, the APE will cover a huge variety of topics, products and technologies under one roof: 

  • optical communication, information processing & storage
  • consumer electronics
  • advanced manufacturing
  • semiconductor processing
  • sensing & measurement
  • medical
  • energy
  • lighting & display
  • defense & security

Join us in 2025 to:

  • Connect with target customers and suppliers from diverse photonics industry fields.
  • Showcase your innovations in a thriving market.
  • Engage in comprehensive B2B meetings and company visits.
  • Benefit from extensive marketing campaigns and speaking opportunities.

We look forward to welcoming you to APE 2025 and continuing our journey of innovation and collaboration in the photonics industry. Let's create more meaningful connections and drive the future of photonics together.