Dr. Jana Schwarze
Project Manager
IVAM Microtechnology Network
Nov. 23, 2021
Dr. Jana Schwarze
Project Manager
IVAM Microtechnology Network

What's for lunch? A little bit of innovation!

The topic of wearables remains a permanent trend

Since the beginning of the year, we have launched a new event format for the joint work of our two technical Focus Groups "Wearables" and "Hybrid Organic Electronics". At intervals of about six weeks, we offer the virtual "Wearable Lunch Talk". It's a good hour to get a breath of innovative air and get to grips with trends from the booming field of wearable electronics and smart textiles. Afterward, there is always enough opportunity for questions and joint discussions.

A brief review of the first "season" in the spring

Wear It Berlin GmbH  

in March 2021 Wear It Berlin GmbH gave a presentation on the event Wear It Innovation Summit, a platform for wearable technology professionals.

MinkTec GmbH

At the Wearables Lunch Talk in May 2021, the company MinkTec GmbH presented flexible sensor strips, which can be used for gait analysis or fitness exercises, for example.

Project Alma

At the third virtual meeting in June 2021, Project Alma presented to lunch talk participants how wearable technology products can be used, for example, to monitor gynecological parameters for disease prevention as well as for improved self-awareness among women. 

Continuation of the Wearable Lunch Talk in fall and winter

Turck duotec GmbH

At the first meeting after the summer break, Turck duotec, an established player in the electronics market, gave an insight into the current development processes in the subject area of "Smart Textile Suitable Electronics". 

It became clear that the wearables market is definitely no longer a "niche", but a serious business area for electronics companies, who then have to take care of the challenges, such as flexible substrates, washability, electrical contacting, etc.

Outlook: OrelTech GmbH

The next digital meeting of the IVAM Focus Group Wearable Electronics with the focus on "Conductive Inks" will take place on December 08, 2021. OrelTech GmbH will present conductive inks for sustainable wearables. 

Who can join?

Wearable start-ups and companies that would like to get in contact and network with manufacturers of components and technologies to explore feasibility, discuss optimization approaches, find suppliers and partners, or get involved in possible funding projects can contact IVAM to make their product ideas and implementations known to experts and present a little bit of innovation for lunch.

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions!