Graphene-Tech® is a dynamic company that has developed a proprietary “top down” green process for graphene manufacture; becoming specialist in the large scale production of high quality graphene nanoplatelets.

Graphene Tech is the registered mark of Eficiencia Energética Aplicada, a technology based company passionate about efficiency and nanomaterials. Our curiosity and professionalism leads us towards the excellence in business.

We produce one of the purest graphene in Europe (not to be taken in with graphene oxide), either in powder or in a wide range of dispersions upon request.

In GrapheneTech, we are conscious of our client’s necessity to integrate graphene nanoplatelets in their materials. To cover this issue, we work in graphene integration in solid and liquid matrix, developing graphene dispersions in water, solvents, resins and polymers.

We wish our know-how, experience and illusion to be spread out all around the world as an additive in paints, composites, coatings and functional inks that could be find everywhere.

“Graphene, because future is now”, that is our motto.

Recently, the company has obtained the phase 2 of the SME instrument granted by the European Commission with 1.5M€ to achieve the industrial production of 1ton/day.