Micromachine Center is a Non-Profit Organization for supporting Micro-Nano related Industry. It launched an initiative named MEMS Industry Forum (MIF) for this purpose. It organizes the event Micro Nano that includes the Micromachine Exhibition, the International Micromachine/Nanotech Symposium and other workshops. It will be held in July, 2013 in Tokyo, Japan. MIF contributes to the building up competitive advantage of manufacturing industry through technology development of the next generation MEMS. MIF also recognized as the hub of the MEMS industry development in Japan. Primary activities of MIF are proposing policies to the government and agencies, establishing and implementing projects with industry and academic cooperation, improvement of MEMS infrastructure for supporting industry developmen and upporting an increase in exchange of businesses information. MIF consists of sixtyone industry members, nine advisors, eightyseven affiliates. MIF is very active in establishing international affiliate network to surport MEMS/Nanotechnology industry development worldwide. IVAM is one of MIF’s seven international affiliates. IVAM and MIF are collaborating in business development between each member companies.


Micromachine Center
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