MD&M West 2019

Halle C, Stand 2973
We have entered the field of precision motors, Leveraging our knowledge of magnetic materials, and have developed high-performance precision motors that are used in items such as Medical, Optical, Robotsand other industrial equipment.
C. I. TAKIRON Corporation is a Japanese manufacturing company.
Motor Products Range :
Coreless motor - Φ4.0mm to Φ22.0mm,
Brushless motor - Φ8.0mm to Φ22.0mm
Gearhead - Spur Φ12.0mm, 16.0mm,20.0mm and Customized
Planetary Φ16.0mm, 22.0mm
Magnetic encoder - 4 to 8 ppr

Of course, custom-made is good at !!