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Since the 31st of August Sandvik Materials Technology is renamed Alleima. Everything is new, yet nothing has changed. Alleima is a kind of a 160-year-old startup. The company continues to be a world-leading player in its development and manufacturing of advanced stainless steels and special alloys.

In the medical field Alleima is producing ultra-fine wire and wire-based components for devices used for stimulation, sensing and transmitting signals in or outside the human body. These products are branded Exera®. The company is also manufacturing strip, ultra-fine tubes and offer extensive plating capabilities of wire or parts used in medical devices.

Finding the name Alleima

In Alleima the company has found a name that encapsulates the core and uniqueness of what they are doing. It will enable them to position themselves as the technology leader, progressive customer partner, and sustainability driver that they are. There were several factors that were important when choosing a new name, most importantly that the name should support the brand positioning and platform and convey a story about who Alliam is as a company.

The name Alleima combines two cornerstones of the business – alloys (an old version of the word alloy – “alei”) and materials, linking to the heritage and future offering. The name is very different from the names of the competitors and very different from the name “Sandvik”. This has been a conscious decision – it enables a fresh start, and the name has high differentiation potential in the industries they are operating in. 

Brand promise and business strategy

With “Advancing together” as the brand promise, the business strategy to grow the business through advanced materials technology and close customer partnerships has been closely linked to building the brand.  So, nothing will change, yet everything will be new. Alleima will continue as a partner in the design process and together with its customers, they will continue design processes and products that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, but now as Alleima.

Activation of the brand

The new brand was activated towards customers and the global market the 31st of August and rebranding of facility signage, packaging materials, website, etc., will happen in a coordinated manner.

In the name change also Polyfil and Galvarex, acquired by Sandvik Materials Technology in October 2021, was re-named Alleima. The company will continue to offer the same high-quality and advanced products and services with the same contacts, expertise, and solutions as they have been doing for 160 years.  Any contracts and orders that formally exist will still be valid even though the name of the legal entity changes. 

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Contact information:

Headquarters Alleima Business Unit Medical:
1 Commerce Blvd.,
Palm Coast, FL, 32164,
United States
Telephone: +1 386 445-2000
Fax: +1 386 447-5113

Manufacturing sites:

Alleima Tucson
2424 East Aragon Rd
Tucson, AZ 85756
United States
Telephone: +1 520 495 5927

Alleima Zug
Oberallmendstrasse 20a
CH-6300 Zug
Telephone  +41 41 761 63 55

Alleima St Imier
Rue de Beau Site 8
CH-2610 Saint-Imier
Telephone  +41 32 942 39 20


Working with more than 200 alloys, and specializing in choosing the best materials and configurations, EXERA® wire-based components are used for a variety of medical applications including vascular therapy, biosensing and neurostimulation. So far, they have been used for devices such as;

Vascular therapy:

  • Catheters and guidewires: Medical wire requires good corrosion and moderate tensile strength, fatigue and relaxation resistance.
  • Pacing leads: Medical wire will generally need ultra-high strength, ductility, toughness and very good corrosion resistance.
  • Alleima 12R10 HV medical wire and Alleima 316LVM medical wire are used for these sensors, catheters and heart mapping/monitoring devices

Cochlear remediation:

  • Cochlear implants: Alleima offers high-quality medical wires produced from platinum- iridium alloys to be encased in the silicone of the implant’s electrode array.
  • Middle ear implants: These devices require a tightly coiled metal wire for sound transmission. Alleima offers coiled wires with a polymer or PTFE coating.
  • Bone conducting systems: Medical wire is used in these devices helps transmit energy to the transducer that is directly in contact with the skull.

Sensing solutions:

  • Thermocouple: Two or more wires made from different metals are coupled to provide a variable EMF response at different temperatures.
  • Glucose sensor: This device requires a fine wire for a sensor thinner than a needle.
  • Electrical sensors: Alleima categorizes these devices into multi-electrode arrays and tetrodes

Stimulation therapy:

  • Deep brain stimulations: Alleima offers high-quality conductive wires with high durability properties. These form an essential part of modern neurostimulation devices.

The ultra-fine wire is also used in other microtechnology devices. Besides ultra-fine wire Alleima also produces micro-tubes and strip steel for various microtechnology and medical applications.

Regarding the materials selection the Alleima range includes stainless steels (such as Alleima 12R10 medical wire), carbon steel (such as Alleima 20AP medical wire), precious metals (including platinum iridium, pure gold and silver), cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloys (such as Alleima F562 medical wire), sensor alloys (constantan and copper) and Kanthal® resistance alloys (such as Nikrothal® 80 and Cuprothal® 49).


The precision wire components are manufactured from stainless steels, precious metals and biocompatible alloys, creating customizable high-quality wire-solutions. Alleima's ability to develop custom designs to meet customer’s goals is already setting us apart from the competition in the medical and microtechnology devices field. 

There are unlimited customizations available, and we are invested in ensuring that the end-product is high-quality, effective and sustainable. Customers can choose from a variety of materials, sizes, surface treatments and product forms.

Extensive experience in material properties not only allows us to offer customers expert advice on the best components functionality and manufacturing options to reach their end-goal, but also guarantees quality unmatched by the competition.
Our focus has been continuing developing close customer partnerships by offering made-to-order build-to-print solutions, setting us apart from other suppliers.

Added value operations:

  • EXERA® medical wire-components, ribbon, multi-filar and stranded cables can be precisely cut to the customer’s requested length.
  • Customized diameters. Diameter can range from 0,01mm to 1,0 mm depending on the alloy, shape, temper and required measurement, while length can be between 5 mm to 1800mm, depending on the application.
  • If required, wire straightening can be performed in accordance with ASTM F2819 (unless specified otherwise).
  • Depending on the size that the customer requires, Alleima's precision wire can be delivered in a variety of forms that typically comprise either spools, braider bobbins, straightened lengths or coils. Customized coiling services are offered, ranging from free-standing inductive coils to single/multi-filar Heli coil configurations.

Alleima also offers a range of surface treatments to meet the needs of our customer:

  • Anodizing: For aluminum alloys, reel-to-reel electrolytic passivation enhances the natural oxidation layer, resulting in improved electrical insulation, as well as a more abrasive-resistant surface. It can be applied to round or ribbon wire and the average layer is between 0.005mm and 0.010 mm.
  • Coating: Customizations include base polymer insulation and PTFE coatings to withstand temperatures up to 240°C, as well as solvent or heat activatable bond coatings for free-standing coils or joining wires. The coatings can also be pigmented for identification purposes. Alleima offers stripping services to remove the polymer coating from the ends of the wire.
  • Electroplating and electropolishing: From ultrasonic wire bonding to enhancing electrical properties, Alleima offers electroplated alloys such as hard and soft gold, nickel and silver for surface finish modification. Available electroplating treatments are silver, rhodium, palladium, copper, gold, fine gold, tin, and nickel. The typical deposit thickness range is 0.13 to 1.3 microns.

When manufacturing medical wire, hygiene is essential, so Alleima operates in an ISO Class 7 certified cleanroom for various production stages. The environment is fully controlled using HEPA filters, laminar flow cabinets and exhaust hoods to optimize air particle count, air pressure, temperature and any other factor that could affect product quality.


Alleima - Business Unit Medical
1 Commerce Blvd
Palm Coast, Florida 32164
32164 Palm Coast, Florida
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Mitarbeiteranzahl: 250
Gründungsjahr: 1862
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