Silex is the World’s largest Pure Play MEMS foundry bringing advanced process technologies and manufacturing capacity to a wide range of high-tech companies Worldwide.

MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) enable next generation devices and applications in a wide range of market areas.

Providing the World’s most impressive technology leaders with state-of-the-art manufacturing services, Silex is a true enabler of the sensory revolution.

Our goal is to be the industry’s most advanced and efficient provider of MEMS foundry services. By leading the way in technology and offering truly cost effective manufacturing, we help customers take the full advantage of MEMS.

Our superior knowledge of MEMS processing and our advanced production technology are key to serving our customers and contributing to their successful products.

At Silex, we are dedicated to building solid, long-term partnerships with our customers. This dedication, combined with our unique process technologies, cost effective manufacturing and commitment to quality, explain why customers around the world trust us with their MEMS manufacturing needs.

We help a wide range of customers, from startups to large corporations, with manufacturing in the medical, biotech, telecommunications, consumer electronics and automotive industries.


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