MEMS-based Gas Analysis for Future Medical Diagnostics 

Innovating Vascular Access 

Micro Molding Stimulates Innovation in Medtech 

MedTech Imaging Solutions need Photonics Innovations 

Microfluidic Solutions for Medical and Diagnostics 

Low-Energy Electron Beam for Antifouling Coatings 

Medical Wire for Treating and Monitoring of Cardiovascular Disease 

Manufacturing Paper-Based Electrochemical Biosensors

Learning about Cells Using Microfluidic Devices

Highly Variable Laser-Based Tomographic Imaging

Ideas Need Flexibility – Active Implants and Components 

Long Printed Circuit Cable Enables New Generation Medical Imaging Technology

Rapid Microfluidic Fabrication Service

Trade Fair Special: COMPAMED 2022

  • Product Market
  • „High-tech for Medical Devices“ 
  • Exhibitor Overview /Booth Plan 


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