Smart features in intelligent micropumps make difference in a more sustainable future


In a time of challenges related to finite resources and increased demand to reduce the overall carbon footprint, smart features in intelligent micropumps can make a difference.

Revolutionizing Pump Technology

The patented Xavitech pump technology can reduce the need for components and create a smaller footprint. With its potential for customized software, it can generate features that normally require a system of a pump, external microchips, flow- and pressure sensors. The small V100 model is the most recent example of innovative pumps, upgraded to an I2C interface. It is operational in applications where it is not only actively controlled via a serial interface to adapt its settings for varying conditions, but also to provide read-out data to be used as blockage detections and pressure indications, etc. 

The built-in microchip with optical control for the pump movements is the brain. The durable electromagnet combined with a flat spring is its heart and motor. Together they offer endless opportunities for customized features and functionality, which benefits cost rationalization and miniaturization as well as a market-leading lifetime in comparison to any other micropumps. This moves the boundaries of design from where a micropump usually is considered just as a pump, to becoming something more. It could be the main component for control in an application, which can impact the number of additional components needed in a design and make a change for a more sustainable future.

About Xavitech Micropumps AB

Xavitech Micropumps AB, founded in 2005, is a Swedish company that develops, manufactures, and supplies micropumps for gas analysis on a global market within the fields of MedTech-, Environmental, and Industrial applications. It is an innovative company that focuses on customized solutions as well as services for product development and licensing of its technology.


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  • Market Leading Lifetime for Demanding Applications
  • Built-in Microcontroller with Customized Firmware
  • Precision with Low Pulsations

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