Compliance Guideline

Compliance Guideline of IVAM e.V. Microtechnology Network


IVAM e.V. is an independent high-tech network for the advancement of science, economy and society. Based on the latest scientific findings and technological developments, the association is committed to sustainable development that takes into account ecological, economic and social concerns. It is committed to the freedom of science as well as to the responsible use of scientific findings and their application for the benefit of mankind and the environment today and in the future.

Compliance with international conventions and legal requirements

The actions of IVAM e.V. and its employees are in accordance with international conventions and the legal system. This includes, in particular, guidelines that prevent the misuse of scientific knowledge.

Prohibition of discrimination

IVAM e.V. rejects any form of discrimination. Discrimination on the grounds of race or ethnic origin, gender, religion or ideology, disability, age or sexual identity must be avoided.

Antitrust law

IVAM e.V. does not provide any space for violations of antitrust law. This includes in particular:

  • Price agreements, division of territories or similar between competing companies,
  • Exchange of information on prices, sales, business transactions and the like,

Information on antitrust law in the context of events

IVAM e.V. Microtechnology Network is committed to compliance with national and international antitrust law.

Discussions on the following topics are not permitted within the framework of our events:

  1. Agreements on prices or price-relevant factors such as offer prices, list prices, discounts, budgeting, calculations, sales or profits.
  2. Agreements on production or delivery terms or restrictions.
  3. Agreements among competitors regarding an intention to sell or to participate in a private or public bidding process.
  4. Agreements to share markets.
  5. Agreements on the implementation of research results that may lead to the exclusion or hindrance of competitors.
  6. All topics, that could restrict free competition.

In case of non-compliance, the leaders of the event have the obligation to intervene and to stop the discussion immediately. 

Information and data protection

IVAM e.V. takes all necessary measures to protect confidential information and personal data. Please refer to the corresponding privacy policy.

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