Ebnet Medical GmbH

Innovating Vascular Access

Ebnet Medical aims at improving the vascular access care continuum by several need-driven product developments. 

An innovative Peripheral Intravenous Catheter (PIVC) is designed for future reduction of frequent, severe and costly complications.

The founder is a specialist in anesthesiology, intensive care and emergency medicine.

General Information

Ebnet Medical GmbH
IVAM member
August-Bebel-Str. 26
19055 Schwerin
Founding Year: 2018


Dr. Jens Ebnet
Jens Ebnet, MD, MSc, DESA
Founder and Managing Director

Latest news

Simple and safe: innovative product facilitates the insertion of catheters
17.09.2018 Millions of catheters are inserted into blood vessels around the world every year. The product SWORDCATH, developed by Ebnet Medical …