COMPAMED Innovation Forum 2022: High-tech medical technology as hope for neurological diseases

Source: pixabay

According to WHO estimates, one billion people worldwide suffer from diseases that affect the brain or the entire central nervous system. Including for example depression, dementia, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease or the consequences of a stroke. 

High-tech medical technology can supplement or replace drug therapies

The COMPAMED Innovation Forum this year will therefore focus on innovative high-tech therapy approaches for neurological applications: Innovative medical technology can help improve the quality of life of those affected. Unlike drugs, which help regulate the chemical system in the human body, neuroimplants target the electrical nerve pathways of the spinal cord and brain. The international expert forum will take place as a digital event on "Innovative Technologies for Neurological Applications" on June 2, 2022.

Experts from research, industry and medical practice will present current innovations 

At this year's COMPAMED Innovation Forum, leading international experts from the field of neurology will present innovative technologies and therapeutic approaches such as advanced brain-computer interfaces and neuroimplants, mind-controlled assistance systems or novel systems for the detection and diagnosis of neurological disorders. Furthermore, topics such as optimized material properties for the use of medical technology components in neurology will also be addressed. Following the presentations, there will be the opportunity to discuss the new developments, research results and further needs. 

The COMPAMED Innovation Forum addresses current medical technology challenges once a year. The focus is always on the dialog between research, industry and medical practice. The presentations also provide an outlook on the trend topics of COMPAMED, which takes place annually in Düsseldorf in the fall. The IVAM Microtechnology Network organizes the digital forum in cooperation with Messe Düsseldorf. 

Contact: Orkide Karasu, IVAM