Microtechnology enables a smart world: IVAM Hightech Summit shows innovations for digitalization

The IVAM Hightech Summit is a central point in the year where companies from micro and nanotechnology come together and present the latest technologies and products as well as discuss the developments in the future.

Humans and machines are constantly interconnected. From mining to high-tech laboratories, from our own homes to public spaces, digitalization is shaping our society. We are irreversibly on a path towards a "Smart World" - this would not be possible without microtechnology.

At the IVAM Hightech Summit 2023 "Microtechnologies for a Smart World", a total of nine sessions, two workshops and exciting keynote presentations will address technological innovations that make the world smarter. The conference event with networking meeting will bring together leading experts from the high-tech industries in Bochum on May 3 and 4, 2023.

Nine sessions spotlight the smart world from a technological perspective

The heart of the event is a comprehensive international conference program. In addition to the life science topics Smart Care, Smart Health and Smart Wearables - Fitness, Wellness, Fashion, the main topics include Smart City and Smart Mobility, in which the challenges of climate change, traffic change and demographics are addressed, as well as the sessions Smart Industry and Smart Production, in which digitization concepts for medium-sized high-tech companies are also discussed. In the Smart Innovations session, start-ups will present their ideas and concepts.

IVAM Hightech Summit establishes itself as central microtechnology conference

The IVAM Hightech Summit is the central microtechnology conference, where the latest developments and products are presented once a year to solve the challenges of the future. The conference program is organized by IVAM in cooperation with partner networks, such as DECHEMA expert network for chemical engineering and biotechnology, iHomeLab Think Tank and Research Centre for Building Intelligence and the Sensor Network detect as well as the IVAM Focus Groups. The venue is the German Mining Museum in Bochum. The conference is embedded in a diverse cultural supporting program. Central goals of the event are efficient contact building and professional discussions.

Program, registration and further information can be found at https://www.ivam-hightech-summit.com.