Business Growth Solutions

IVAM service offers for members.

With IVAM Business Growth Solutions you benefit from our experience. During the initial consultation, we work with you to identify possible requirements for strategic corporate development and show you concrete implementation options. If required, you will receive a customized recommendation or referral to partners with industry experience. The partners have been known to us for some time and their offers have been reviewed by us - this saves you the time of researching suitable service providers and you benefit from already negotiated advantages!

Your advantages are:

  • Time and resource savings by eliminating the time-consuming research for suitable providers
  • Cost advantages through special conditions for IVAM members (in case of referral by IVAM to the respective partner)
  • Effective exchange of experience with IVAM members on selected topics

Market analyses and studies

Studies help to identify trends and predict future developments

Professional Training: Lead Generation and Digital Marketing with AI Tools

Strategies and Tools for Successful Digital Marketing: from ChatGPT to The Marketing Qualified Lead

Professional Training: Smart video marketing for B2B companies with AI

The training offers practical guidance on how to use artificial intelligence (AI) to create high-quality video content for B2B and HR marketing. In the course, participants will learn how to effectively use generative AI to create cost-effective videos with simple tools that engage and loyalize their target audiences.

Lead-generation with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a valuable marketing tool for your business, helping you attract more customers and expand your business network.


Your company can protect itself from cyber threats by enlisting the help of a professional cybersecurity company.


Boost your visibility with an exclusive sponsorship.

Management of funding projects

Save time and resources by having IVAM manage funding projects for you.

Professional translations

Professional translation services benefit your company by expanding your communication and business operations internationally and saving valuable resources internally.


A company that has patented a unique product or process can be assured that its ideas are protected and that competitors cannot easily copy.