COMPAMED Innovation Forum 2023

Sensor Technology for Prevention and Diagnostics

The healthcare system faces major challenges: The costs increase constantly; at the same time, there are not enough qualified employees. Modern technologies are able to make an important contribution in this process.

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Innovative prevention and personalized therapy

There are two main points to focus on: On the one hand, preventive methods should help to avoid diseases from developing. On the other hand, an effective and personalized treatment can be provided through appropriate monitoring of vital parameters and diagnosis. Both of these aspects help to reduce the burden on the healthcare system significantly.

Sensor Technology for Prevention and Diagnostics

For implementation, sensors that monitor the patient's state of health at all times and allow specific interventions are required. These sensors must be able to integrate in everyday objects, like rooms, beds, clothing, and have to be robust against influences from daily life (shocks, washability, etc.).

Target group of the event

The presentations will show various technologies, products and applications. In addition, the integration of sensors into medical devices, such as diagnostic or treatment equipment, as well as their reliability and long-term stability will be presented and discussed.

Apart from component and device manufacturers, the event is also aimed to developers and operators (e.g. doctors), who can inform themselves about current topics.

Annual medical technology innovation outlook

With the COMPAMED Innovation Forum, recent medical technology topics are presented yearly by leading specialists and discussed with the participants to identify current challenges and solutions and to prepare them for the relevant topics at COMPAMED, the largest European trade show for suppliers to medical production.

In cooperation with our long-term partner Messe Düsseldorf, IVAM organizes this year's COMPAMED Innovation Forum as an online event on June 12, 2023. 

The lectures will be held in English.

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Business Partner

Monday, June 12, 2023
Christian Bigge
Messe Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, DE
Dr. Thomas Dietrich
IVAM Microtechnology Network, Dortmund, DE
Healthcare Acquired Infections - A Smart Hospital Case Study
Nikolas Valantassis
ES Systems, Athens, GR
Piezoceramic Sensor-Components for Prevention and Diagnostics
Sandra Niederschuh
PI Ceramic GmbH, Lederhose, DE
The Digitization of Smell - An Innovative Approach to Odor Detection in Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications
Dr. Viktor Bezugly
SmartNanotubes Technologies GmbH, Freital, DE
duotec GmbH, Halver, DE
Potentially Any Biomolecule Can Be Detected Utilizing the Photonic Diagnostics Platform of Surfix Diagnostics
Hans Dijk
Surfix BV, Wageningen, NL
Additive Manufacturing and Packaging Technologies for Flexible Substrates Towards Wound Treatment and Diagnostics
Laser-based Glucose Sensors
Dr. Cynthia Klett
TRUMPF Photonic Components, Ulm, DE
Panel Discussion: '’Chances and Challenges of the Medical Market for Sensors: A Perspective of Developers and Users.’’
Dr. Thomas Dietrich
IVAM Microtechnology Network, Dortmund, DE
Dr. Jens Ebnet
Ebnet MEdical GmbH, Schwerin, DE
All presenters
Closing of COMPAMED Innovation Forum