IVAM Focus Group Marketing

LinkedIn - How to use the B2B platform as strategic tool?

Business initiation and brand building in the virtual space are essential for small and medium-sized companies to stay competitive. The B2B platform LinkedIn is the market leader of international virtual business networks and is becoming increasingly important.  

How can small and medium-sized enterprises use LinkedIn for their marketing and sales strategy?

At the next meeting of the IVAM Focus Group Marketing, the topic "LinkedIn as a strategic tool for B2B?" will be discussed. Which ideas can small and medium-sized companies adopt for their marketing and sales strategy and how can target group specific content be generated? What additional possibilities do Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Recruiter offer SMEs and for whom are they worthwhile?

The virtual workshop of the Focus Group will be held on March 20, 2023 from 14:30 - 16:30 as a Zoom meeting.

Strategic tool for business initiation and brand building.

We would like to share experiences on how to succeed in implementing a good communication strategy for the use of LinkedIn in marketing, sales, management and technical departments. During the session Gunnar Jung from CONNECTEER will give an overview of target groups and market shares and inform about different use cases. 

The following questions, among others, will be discussed:  

  • What should a good profile look like? Is a company profile enough?
  • Where can I find ideas for content? What frequency makes sense?
  • Is corporate influencing an issue for small and medium-sized businesses? Does the CEO have to do it him/herself?
  • How can Navigator tools be used effectively for sales and recruitment?
  • Outsourcing / cooperation with agencies
  • Open exchange of experiences


For IVAM members, participation in Focus Group meetings is free of charge. Non-members may attend three times by paying an administrative fee of € 50.00 (plus VAT), which is also due in case of non-participation. Of course, the nomination of a substitute participant is possible at any time and without additional costs.

About the IVAM Focus Group Marketing: 

In our focus group, marketing and communication managers as well as c-level executives from the network discuss current issues and sensible B2B concepts together: Strategies and concepts are discussed in order to better incorporate the needs of customers from various high-tech areas such as microsystems technology, nanotechnology, MEMS, photonics, sensor and measurement technology as well as organic and printed electronics. Central aspects are an open exchange of experiences, useful information and exclusive networking. The topics are oriented towards the needs and resources of high-tech companies.