CorTec offers cutting-edge technology for the next generation of active implants.

Our Brain Interchange technology is a closed-loop system and works as a direct interface between the brain and technology (brain-machine interface). The completely implantable system can be customized according to particular research interests.
Also, we are creating individualized components of highest quality that are characterized by the same set of features: high precision, high flexibility in design, high number of channels.

°AirRay, our silicone electrode offers high-data acquisition and stimulation in the central and peripheral nervous system. Thanks to a special patented laser structuring process the electrode has a high density of contacts, is thin and soft and can easily be produced in individual designs.

Our hermetic encapsulation is suited to house a wide range of electronic implants. It is designed to enable wireless communication for long-term applications.


  • °AirRay Electrodes
  • Hermetic ceramic encapsulation
  • Brain Interchange System


We are following the vision to take implantable technologies to the next level by providing innovative solutions that enable you to develop highly efficient and personalized therapies.

Based on our flexible technologies we have overcome current limitations. We are therefore able to offer individualized solutions for components of active implants such as electrodes or hermetic encapsulation that combine innovation, precision, and quality.

In medical engineering we have to meet the highest standards in every aspect of our work. From development to individual manufacturing processes up to the further handling of our products – all areas of work strictly comply with our certified quality management system.