Jan 23, 2024

Advancing Micro-Optics Precision at Photonics West

Jan 23, 2024

Accumold, the forefront innovator in micro injection molding, will showcase cutting-edge capabilities at SPIE Photonics West (Booth 1566, Jan 27 - Feb 1). Specializing in part geometries from 5cm to sub-1mm, Accumold's 30+ years of micro molding innovation spans insert molding, clean room molding, and 2-shot molding, utilizing materials like PEEK, Ultem, LCP, and engineered thermoplastics.

Micro Optics Mastery

Accumold's extensive history in micro optics extends for decades, marked by collaborations with SMEs and major corporations. Their focus on groundbreaking products in the photonics sector underscores the critical need for supreme precision. As the micro molding authority, Accumold excels in creating complex, diminutive, and cost-effective components, addressing the unique challenges of the micro optics marketplace.

Partnership Approach for Micro-Optic Solutions

Paul Runyan, VP Sales & Marketing, emphasizes Accumold's approach: integrating micro-optic expertise early in the design phase. Their booth at Photonics West invites attendees to explore micro-optic marvels—250-micron fiber optic lenses, demux devices, and diffractive lenses. Accumold's tooling specialists ensure precision, replicating lens profiles with quarter-wave accuracy and achieving surface finishes within 50 angstroms, all critical for micro-sized optical couplers and housing-embedded lenses.

Engage with Accumold's experts at booth 1566 to delve into the meticulous nature of molding processes, precise metrology, and automated post-molding assembly. Discover how Accumold's three-decade legacy in micro molding ensures stability, efficiency, and scalable production, offering cost-effective solutions for the most demanding micro-optics projects.


Paul Runyan, Accumold
e. prunyan@accu-mold.com


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