International microtechnology scene discussed sustainability: IVAM Hightech Summit 2022 presented various high-tech solutions


Microtechnology and technologies based on it, such as microfluidics, photonics or sensor technology - but also nanotechnology - offer enormous potential in the development of solutions for the global problems of our time. In particular, the climate crisis and increasing scarcity of resources require adjustments to society's way of working and living. Smart technologies and innovative processes will help to achieve these goals in the future. Microtechnology is the starting point for all these high-tech solutions.  

At the IVAM Hightech Summit 2022, the international members of the networks MinacNed - Association for Microsystems and Nanotechnology, Optence, the Initiative Nano in Germany, Greentech.Ruhr and SensorikNet e.V. gathered together with the member companies and institutes of the IVAM Microtechnology Network to present and discuss the range of technological solutions for sustainability. 

More than 30 presentations and panel discussions in eight technological sessions comprehensively demonstrated the relevance of key technologies for climate protection, health and economic prosperity in Europe. The venue was the landmark "Dortmunder U". The building formerly housed the Union Brewery, and now serves as a center for art and creativity, thus symbolizing the sustainable use of industrial buildings.

Nanotechnology, photonics, sensor technology and microelectronics play an important role

One topic this year was nanotechnology in the context of sustainability. In addition to current issues, such as ecotoxicology, the focus was also on innovative fields of application for micro- and nanotechnology in coatings or in battery research, which can significantly improve performance in the field of electromobility. An electric car could thus achieve a range of up to 800km.  

In the session on flexible, hybrid electronics, current trend topics for the application area of wearable electronics were presented and discussed. Printed electronics, novel conductive inks, energy harvesting processes and the washability of microelectronics played an important role.      

No less than two sessions were devoted to the key technology of photonics, in which there continue to be many important new developments. The topic of quantum computing from an efficiency perspective was also highlighted.  

Leading minds in the industry meet once a year

"With the IVAM Hightech Summit, we show once a year which concepts and ideas the leading minds in the industry are currently working on and what can be successfully implemented in products," explains IVAM Managing Director Dr. Thomas Dietrich. The next IVAM Hightech Summit will take place in spring 2023 on the topic of "smart technologies".