IVAM Microtechnology Network: personnel changes after board elections

(from left to right) Dr. Hans van den Vlekkert, Matthias Lorenz,Dominique Bouwes, Dr. Lutz Aschke and Bärbel Schilling
Source: IVAM
08.04.2019 Dominique Bouwes from Micronit from Dortmund/Enschede, Germany/the Netherlands will be new member of the board of IVAM Microtechnology Network. She succeeds Dr. Thomas Kritzler as deputy chairperson of the board, who withdraws from the board after many years of activity. The chairman of the board, Dr. Lutz Aschke from TRUMPF Photonic Components, and three other board members were confirmed in their positions.
The five members of the board are now Dr. Lutz Aschke as Chairman, Dominique Bouwes as Deputy Chairwoman, Matthias Lorenz from AEMtec GmbH, Germany, Bärbel Schilling from Plan Optik AG, Germany and Dr. Hans van den Vlekkert from LioniX BV, the Netherlands.

The elections took place in Dortmund, Germany during the annual general meeting of the IVAM Microtechnology Network on April 4, 2019.