Apr 5, 2018

IVAM Survey 2018

Apr 5, 2018
Positive developments in the European microtechnology industry that have become apparent in previous years continue this year, in some cases intensified. This has been confirmed by this year's economic data survey by the IVAM Microtechnology Network. These developments include a continued upswing in staff numbers and turnover and very good forecasts in both areas for the next three years.

Export, which has increased modestly in recent years, is gaining more momentum. Regarding international markets, the tendency towards China as one of the most important business and export regions outside Europe is strengthening.

Medical technology and the healthcare industry presently are and will remain the most important target markets for the microtechnology industry for the foreseeable future. The combination of miniaturization and digitalization is currently creating many new applications.

However, the new Medical Device Regulation of the European Union with its increased demands on the supplying industry might put a damper on innovation in the field of medical technology.

EU regulations impede business operations

In the course of its annual economic data survey, the IVAM Microtechnology Network asked microtechnology companies and research institutes in Europe about the practical experiences they made with EU regulations, and the opportunities to exert influence on decision making processes.

More than half of the responding organizations feel that EU regulations and directives are impeding their business operations. A major complication from the point of view of the European microtechnology organizations are the high documentation and reporting obligations that EU regulations or directives entail. Almost three quarters of microtechnology organizations call for simplified regulations for SMEs.

Essential results

  • Skills shortage does not keep microtechnology industry from hiring
  • Microtechnology industry constantly increases turnover
  • Microtechnology industry’s export will increase
  • Export and cooperation predominate in international activities
  • Europe is main export region – China to become second most important export market
  • Import restrictions are the biggest barrier to export
  • Significance of medical technology market unfailing

  • EU regulations impede rather than facilitate business operations
  • Documentation and implementation overburden high-tech industry
  • SMEs demand simplified regulations
  • Not enough opportunities to influence regulations

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