Quantum technology conference "QuApps 2022" shows relevance of future technology


Quantum technology and its applications are gaining relevance day by day and form the fundament for future technologies like artificial intelligence. The impact will be felt inexorably in the field of computer technology, sensor technology, cybersecurity, medical devices and many other areas. The recent Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to quantum researchers Alain Aspect, John Clauser and Anton Zeilinger is an impressive prove to this.

After the successful launch in 2021, the second international quantum technology conference "QuApps 2022" will again present the status quo and future developments of quantum technology and provide insights into application areas. The conference will be held virtually on December 6 and 7, 2022.

Renowned companies show first application fields for practical use

Renowned companies and research institutions, including e.g. Bosch, BMW, the Volkswagen Data Lab, Q.ANT, Zeiss or Infineon will provide insights into potential markets and relevant technologies that will reach or have already reached market maturity.

Quantum technology is the basis for the technological future of many industries

The spectrum of topics covered by the international conference ranges from the use of quantum technology in various markets such as the automotive industry or medical technology, to "quantum computing" and "quantum security", to political issues such as the European funding landscape.

The event is aimed at professionals from the fields of business development, investment, quantum research and engineering as well as industry trend scouts and the interested public.

For both the current QuApps 2022 program and to register, visit https://www.quapps-conference.com.

Contact: Dr. Victoria Jakobi, IVAM