About IVAM

IVAM unites people who are excited about key enabling technologies and the way these technologies shape our daily life and our future.
Being an international microtechnology business network and technology marketing expert, IVAM connects professionals in the high-tech industries and supports them in bringing innovative technologies and products to market and gaining a competitive edge in international competition.
IVAM – The International Microtechnology Business Network
  • International – We have members in many countries around the world and partners in the market-relevant overseas regions.
  • Microtechnology – We represent microtechnology and related key enabling technologies like MEMS, nanotechnology, advanced materials, micro-optics and photonics, sensor and measurement technology, printed and organic electronics.
  • Business – Our essential target is to accelerate our members‘ business based on our industry and market knowledge, our numerous contacts and our marketing expertise.
  • Network – We have built an extensive network which we constantly enlarge, because the more we are, the more we can achieve.
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