Smart Sensor Solutions: Recording of the live stream of COMPAMED 2020

Smart products are becoming a reality in more and more markets - including medical technology and health. The key technological pioneers in this development are intelligent sensors that not only collect data, but can also interpret and communicate. The market for medical technology is developing rapidly. Medical products are increasingly focusing on the patient and are becoming more and more functional and intelligent.

Macht schnelle Testergebnisse möglich: vollautomatische Point-of-Care-Plattform

Das Zusammenspiel von IT und Mikroelektronik macht neue und effizientere Analysemethoden in Forschung, Diagnostik und letztlich der Patientenversorgung möglich. Durch eine schnellere und leichter zugängliche Diagnostik über Point-of-Care-Plattformen können schon während der Wartezeit beim Arzt Ergebnisse vorliegen. Dadurch kann eine mögliche Krankheit besser behandelt werden.

Microprecision, Manufacturing and Processing: Recording of the live stream of the virtual COMPAMED

The miniaturization of the dimensions, the precision of the components with their increasing variety of shapes and greater functional integration are the keys to future developments. They are also influenced to a large extent by new technologies that originate from materials engineering and physical process engineering.

Alle ab ins Homeoffice! Was wird nach Corona aus unseren Büros?

Nicht nur die akuten Inzidenzwerte leeren die deutschen Büros. Es ist offensichtlich: Covid-19 macht die Welt digitaler. Ideen, die schon lange in der Schublade waren, wurden und werden jetzt vielerorts umgesetzt. Hemmungen gegenüber neuen Technologien und Arbeitsmethoden werden überwunden. Fragen Sie sich auch manchmal, ob das alles gut und nachhaltig ist? Oder werden wir nach Corona wieder in die alten Muster verfallen?

Fight against Coronavirus: Recording of the live stream of the virtual COMPAMED

The Corona crisis has turned the world upside down and shown us once again how dependent we are on key technologies such as microtechnology and nanotechnology. These technologies support the fight against Corona, for example, in the field of rapid diagnostics, in the low-cost production of miniaturized components for urgently needed medical devices and in the development of vaccines.

Printed Diagnostics and 3D Printing: Recording of the live stream of the virtual COMPAMED

Individual patient care is becoming increasingly important. On the one hand, this saves valuable resources, for example in terms of medication and diagnostic tools, and on the other hand helps to provide targeted medical treatment for patients' ailments.

Electronic assemblies without PCBs

Laser direct structuring (LDS) is a special success story. For almost 20 years, it has been possible to apply electronic conductor paths directly onto plastic parts during series production. LDS enables the production of electronic assemblies with flexible geometric shapes. This process enables electronic products, such as smartphones, sensors or medical devices, to become even smaller and more powerful. Automated manufacturing processes also make this process more economically attractive.
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How the corona crisis is changing trade fairs and events. And what's good about that!

For years there has been a kind of love-hate relationship with trade fairs and events. Some people think it's really great to get on a train at five in the morning to go to a high-tech trade fair and talk to people they don't know. Others can't get anything out of it. The behavior on the customer side is also mirrored by companies: Some participate at every fair - others think it's a waste of money.

"Test, test, test"- how improved microfluidics can support COVID-19 diagnostics

When WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus admonished nations to “test, test, test”, back in March of this year, testing was already recognized as a key strategy in the fight against COVID-19. In response to this, the diagnostics industry has been racing to develop new high-speed test platforms that can quickly and accurately carry out the wide-scale testing needed.
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Mit diesen 6 Tipps wird das virtuelle Meeting zum Erfolg!

Es ist fester Bestandteil der "neuen Normalität" geworden: Das virtuelle Meeting ist - dank Coronakrise - aus unseren Terminplänen nicht mehr wegzudenken. An manchen Tagen reiht sich Videokonferenz an Videokonferenz. Geht es Ihnen auch so? Damit die Meetings nicht zu nervenaufreibenden Zeitfressern werden, ist es sinnvoll, sie gut vorzubereiten und ein paar Dinge grundlegend zu organisieren.