IVAM Projects

Being a leading industry association IVAM supports its members in turning innovative ideas into applications in research and development projects. We support organizations that want to initiate or join a project in finding the right partners among our many international contacts in research and industry. Also, we coordinate joint projects or complement the consortium as a partner for the dissemination of the project results through our established multi-media communication channels.

Promotion of professional training in the high-tech sector
Technical solutions for the optimized care of patients with dementia
TOLAE (Thin, Organic and Large Area Electronics) in Healthcare for better Diagnostics and Therapy
Flexibility and stability through imlicit agreements within the micro and nano technology industy
Transparency and orientation for SME
Customer Orientated Product Engineering of Micro and Nano Devices
Diversity als Innovationskultur
The European micro-nanotechnology business accelerator for small and medium-sized enterprises

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Jana Schwarze
Project Manager
+49 (0) 231 9742 149