Hermetic Encapsulation-Design of the next generation

CorTec Brain Interchange System: a closed-loop implant for recording and stimulation of the nerv-ous system.
Source: CorTec

New ways of communication between electrical signals of the body and modern information technology. CorTec is specialized in creating efficient technologies for active implants for long-term recording and stimulation of neural activity. The technology includes ceramic encapsulations that are ahead of today’s technology and enable high-channel applications without expanding the implants dimensions.

Hermetic encapsulation technology protects sensitive electronics 

CorTec´s hermetic encapsulation technology protects what is valuable for an active implant: sensitive electronics even with a high amount of electrical feedthroughs. In contrast to conventional packages with glass-to-metal or ceramic-to-metal feedthroughs which are usually brazed in titanium housings CorTec’s thick film technology enables hundreds of electrical channels. A high number of channels which for example measure brain activity is a crucial feature for certain neurotherapies, especially for those that adapt to the individual need of the patient corresponding to the situation.

The ceramic encapsulation is furthermore transparent to electromagnetic waves. This facilitates communication via radio frequency or infrared as well as wireless powering. CorTec encounters the material properties of ceramics by implementing specific design measures to insure a high mechanical robustness. The ceramic packages can be designed to survive mechanical impact as, for example, required for cochlear implants according to EN 45502-2-3:2010 and ISO 14708-7:2013 standards.

Lifetime calculations based on the hermeticity of the encapsulation attest excellent protection of electronics against moisture – more than ten times longer than common titanium cases. The application of desiccants extends the lifetime even further. Even small implant volumes below 1 cm³ can sustain a moist environment for decades.

Flexibility of the technology allows application-specific shapes

The freedom of design allows application-specific shapes. Manifold design options are available to realize new sophisticated implant concepts: 3D shapes, miniaturization in terms of outer dimensions, contact-pads sizes and spacing. Customized telemetric coils enable interfaces for data communication and energy transfer tailored to the customer’s electronics.

CorTec is following the vision become leading partner in the development of innovative neurotherapies. The options for high-channel applications make the ceramic encapsulation technology an essential part of the big picture to communicate with the human nervous system and to connect it with artificial intelligence.

The ceramic encapsulation technology is like the laser-based AirRay electrode technology part of CorTec Brain Interchange, a new technology platform for innovative neurotherapies with applications like epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and also in the field of bioelectronic medicine.

Contact: CorTec GmbH, info@cortec-neuro.com