IVAM Microtechnology Network

The International Microtechnology Business Network

"Climate crisis, pandemics, digitalization, collapse of the healthcare system or demographic change: No matter what challenges await us in the future - microtechnology is part of the answer!"

International Network

IVAM creates trustful international connections between developers, manufacturers and users of high-tech products. The focus is on small and medium-sized enterprises and their needs as well as on representation of their interests.

Driver for Innovation

IVAM offers well-founded orientation in the high-tech landscape and provides valuable know-how, e.g. through expert groups or studies, on strategic questions concerning target markets, funding opportunities, application trends or innovation management.

Technology Marketplace

IVAM provides visibility to the technologies and products of its members: at international exhibitions and conferences as well as in virtual space via online meetings, online profiles, technical papers, blog and podcast and other publications.

Marketing Multiplier

Being found at the right time, in the right environment by the right customers: IVAM helps selling innovative high-tech products by supporting networking, contact building and internationalization as well as successful personnel marketing.

Valuable Partner

An IVAM membership saves valuable resources! With support in trade show organization, market research, acquisition of funding and project partners, PR & marketing campaigns, guides and networking events, IVAM accelerates business development and saves time, money and nerves in day-to-day business.

Creating High-Quality Videos with Simple Technical Means

Jul 24, 2024
Videos are a powerful tool in both marketing and HR. Whether you want to attract new customers or talented employees, emotional and compelling videos are the key to success. The new German training course on smart video marketing for B2B companies offers practical guidance on how to create high-quality video content using artificial intelligence. 

IVAM Hightech Summit 2024 unveils the intersection of science fiction and technological reality

May 28, 2024
The IVAM Hightech Summit (HTS) 2024, held at the prestigious German Film Museum in Frankfurton May 7 and 8, mesmerized …

Cubic TDLAS Gas Sensing Technology for Medical Applications

May 24, 2024
With 20 years of dedication to gas sensing technologies, Cubic, an international manufacturer, has developed diverse mature sensing platforms. Using …

Focus on intelligent implants: virtual COMPAMED Innovation Forum showcases medical technology innovations

Apr 24, 2024
The significance of cutting-edge technologies in medical technology, particularly smart implants, takes center stage at this year's COMPAMED Innovation Forum. …
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Understanding MEMS and MOEMS: A Quick Guide

Imagine a world where tiny, powerful devices transform everything from healthcare to communications. Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) are not just a glimpse into the future—they are the future. Let's go on …

IVAM Member Anniversaries: a big "Thank You" to long-standing members

Joining an organization or a network is always a strategic question - and for many small and medium-sized companies exactly the right strategy to drive their business forward in the …

Reflecting on the Success of APE 2024: A Photonics Experience in Singapore

This past March, I had the pleasure of attending the Asia Photonics Expo (APE) 2024 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. It was an incredible experience that brought together a vibrant …

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The IVAM Focus Groups bring together member companies and institutes on specific topics. In addition to the discussion of technological trends and industry-specific challenges, the range of topics also includes strategic issues and an open exchange of experience.

Active participation in the focus groups expands the personal network and provides impetus for a wide range of solutions. The topics dealt with are always geared to the specific needs and resources of international high-tech SMEs. Participants benefit in particular from exclusive, targeted information and effective networking at eye level.

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