International conference QuApps shows status quo of quantum technology

02.07. The QuApps conference deals with the state of the art and the development of quantum technology. The international event will take place at Düsseldorf Airport from March 1 to 3, 2021.

Bringing 3D printing to the moon – Melting moondust under lunar conditions

13.07. The spheres appear inconspicuous – but they are unique. They consist of moon dust, molten under moon gravity.

MES in medium-sized businesses: fast entry into digital manufacturing processes "out of the box"

09.07. Lean modular manufacturing solutions offer a quick and easy entry into digital manufacturing processes and tracking and tracing "out of …

Antimicrobial surfaces: symposium on innovative surfaces

10.07. The spread of SARS-CoV-2 brings the demand for antibacterial and antiviral surfaces increasingly into focus.

How nanotechnology can help solving water shortage problems

02.07. Nanotechnology can reduce the energy costs of wastewater treatment processes and make direct water-reuse both technically and economically feasible.

Micro dosing pumps in global use against COVID-19

16.06. Automated analysis devices are the essential basis for extensive test capacities for the new corona virus. Through parallel and faster processes, automation significantly increases the number of tests, saves manpower …

Let’s rethink plastic: nano-functionalization for smart plastics and paper based products

15.06. The FlexFunction2Sustain funding project is intended to support the plastics and paper processing industry in coping with ecological challenges on the way to the digital age.

Sensitive fluorescence sensors as small as sugar cubes

11.06. Modern fluorescence sensors should be small, of high resolution and high sensitivity, inexpensive and robust. The CiS Research Institute has met these challenges and developed a technological construction kit for …

Component carrier now replacing flexible PCBs

13.05. HARTING has developed a new solution based on 3D-MID technology that is capable of replacing flexible circuit boards. Thanks to component carriers, cost savings of up to two-thirds can be …

Increase reliability of electronic components and systems through intelligent sensors and AI

11.05. Improving reliability by consistently reducing the failure rate is the central objective of the European Innovation Action "iREL40". Hahn-Schickard uses a smart sensor system and artificial intelligence to detect damage …

Microtechnology industry does not expect long-term damage from corona crisis – but overall economy will be severely affected

20.03. Representatives of the microtechnology industry at this point in time do not assume that the industry will suffer from the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic in the long term. This …