High-tech medical technology is back in Düsseldorf: IVAM joint booth shows smart, miniaturized solutions for diagnostics and therapy

19.10. The COVID pandemic has clearly shown that modern high technologies are important for driving research and development, e.g. for drugs, vaccines or diagnostic devices, quickly and effectively. 

Hermetic Encapsulation-Design of the next generation

25.10. New ways of communication between electrical signals of the body and modern information technology. CorTec is specialized in creating efficient …

Sandvik has acquired the medical wire forming company Accuratech Group

15.10. Sandvik has acquired the Swiss based company Accuratech Group, a niched medical wire forming and component manufacturer.

Tiny package, greater depth: design of a plenoptic high-speed camera

14.10. Researchers at Fraunhofer IZM have joined forces with TecVenture, Optrontec Inc., and KAIST to create a high-speed camera fitted with a unique multi-lens array that can capture images with a …

micrometal launches new photo-chemical etching website

13.10. micrometal GmbH (incorporating Etchform and HP Etch) is at the forefront of the evolution the photo-chemical etching (PCE) process, and announces the launch of a new website (www.micrometal.de). 

IR components for gas sensing and temperature measurement

13.10. The way from large laboratory devices to compact sensors requires miniaturized and specialized assemblies, for which the technologies of silicon microsensors are suitable.

Temperature monitoring of cryogenic and sterilization processes in clinics and medical practices

04.10. The contactless RFID technology enables sensors to be applied to hard-to-reach places or moving parts, especially where no cable connections are possible. 

COMPAMED 2021 moves to Halls 13 and 14, IVAM Product Market takes place in hall 13

22.09. Due to the COVID 19 vaccination campaign, COMPAMED will not take place in Halls 8a and 8b in November as planned, but will move to halls 13 and 14 of …

Artificial Intelligence in Production: "AI for Laser Technology" conference

21.09. The second "AI for Laser Technology" conference will take place on September 28 and 29, 2021. Researchers, plant engineers, software developers and machine builders discuss online the current status of …

Specialty Coating Systems celebrates 50 years of innovation

01.09. Specialty Coating Systems, Inc. (SCS), a producer in Parylene and liquid conformal coating services and technologies, celebrates its company’s 50th Anniversary.

Research and industry will discuss status quo and future developments of quantum technology

09.08. Quantum technologies will have a significant impact on society and economy and will develop ever faster in the near future. Conference on Quantum Technologies „QuApps 2021 presents "Big players" providing …