Microtechnology industry does not expect long-term damage from corona crisis – but overall economy will be severely affected

20.03. Representatives of the microtechnology industry at this point in time do not assume that the industry will suffer from the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic in the long term. This was the result of a quick poll conducted by IVAM on March 19, 2020 among its members based in Germany.

Sandvik: Transferring to medical micro-electronics

14.05. Sandvik has a long history within materials evolution and is a world leader in the development of stainless steel with …

Increase reliability of electronic components and systems through intelligent sensors and AI

11.05. Improving reliability by consistently reducing the failure rate is the central objective of the European Innovation Action "iREL40". Hahn-Schickard uses …

Component carrier now replacing flexible PCBs

13.05. HARTING has developed a new solution based on 3D-MID technology that is capable of replacing flexible circuit boards. Thanks to component carriers, cost savings of up to two-thirds can be …

Multiphoton Optics: Growth despite crisis

30.04. Multiphoton Optics GmbH is growing despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. New members have been added to a team that has already nearly doubled in 2019.

Hahn-Schickard receives funding to develop a rapid test for coronavirus

14.04. Hahn-Schickard and Spindiag GmbH from Freiburg will receive 6 million euros in order to establish a PCR-based corona rapid test on their diagnostic platform. The system is expected to be …

New sensor solution for ventilators

14.04. At Sensirion a dedicated team of developers has been working very hard in recent weeks to develop a new sensor for respiratory devices

Ultra-low power computing for extreme environments

13.04. AMO GmbH is partner of ZeroAMP, a Horizon 2020 project that aims at developing ultra-low power computing elements able to survive extreme environmental conditions. 

Special exhibition area "Microtechnologies for Optical Devices" establishes itself at W3

12.03. After the successful premiere of the special exhibition area "Microtechnologies for Optical Devices" last year, the IVAM Microtechnology Network once again bundled high-tech suppliers for optical applications at a joint …

Flash lamp annealing: energy-effective process for efficient annealing of large-area substrates

10.03. Within the InnoFlash funding project, the Fraunhofer FEP is developing an innovative process for thermal pre- and post-treatment using xenon flash lamps. 

nanoplus uses the technology of Multiphoton Optics to manufacture laser sources for infrared sensors

27.01. The first time worldwide: The two-photon polymerization (2PP) process is used for the industrial production of miniaturized components in a pay-per-use model.