IVAM Hightech Summit 2024 unveils the intersection of science fiction and technological reality

The IVAM Hightech Summit (HTS) 2024, held at the prestigious German Film Museum in Frankfurton May 7 and 8, mesmerized attendees with a captivating exploration of how science fiction visions have seamlessly transitioned into tangible technological advancements.

Focus on intelligent implants: virtual COMPAMED Innovation Forum showcases medical technology innovations

The significance of cutting-edge technologies in medical technology, particularly smart implants, takes center stage at this year's COMPAMED Innovation Forum. Under the theme "Smart Implant Technology: Innovative Production and Future Applications", a webinar will be held on June 3, 2024, bringing together international professionals from the medical technology, supply, and healthcare sectors.

Back to the High-tech Future: IVAM Hightech Summit 2024 shows science fiction visions of yesterday with microtechnology of tomorrow

As a leading conference for the microtechnology industry, the IVAM Hightech Summit offers a unique platform for experts and deciders to exchange information on the latest developments in microtechnology, nanotechnology, digitalization and related fields. Under this year's theme "Back to the Microtechnology Future: Yesterday's Visions, Tomorrow's Realities", the conference will take place on May 7 and 8 in Frankfurt a. Main, DE.  

MD&M West 2024: Unveiling the Future of Medical Technology Innovations in Anaheim

MD&M West in Anaheim stands out as one of the premier global platforms dedicated to showcasing advancements in medical technology design and manufacturing. Hall C hosts the exclusive "Micro Nanotech" special exhibition area, highlighting cutting-edge microtechnology innovations. The joint booth of the IVAM Microtechnology Network is a focal point, providing a dedicated space for international high-tech companies and research institutes to showcase their groundbreaking developments. 

COMPAMED 2023: Persistent trend towards increasing internationality and quality networking

COMPAMED, held in Düsseldorf in November parallel to MEDICA, has established itself as an outstanding platform for key technologies in the medical technology supply industry. The IVAM Microtechnology Network reflects positively on four days of intense international activities.

COMPAMED 23: International platform presents groundbreaking trends for the medical technology industry in November

With 50 exhibitors, the "Hightech for Medical Devices" joint area launched by the IVAM Microtechnology Network represents the most extensive focus area at COMPAMED, which will be held from November 13 to 16, 2023, in Hall 8a at the Düsseldorf exhibition center.

MedTech Innovations in Bangkok: Successful Premiere for IVAM at Medical Fair Thailand 2023

The IVAM Microtechnology Network draws an extremely positive balance after the first participation at the Medical Fair Thailand (MFT) in Bangkok. The international audience showed great interest in the innovative products and services.

Easy access to the Asian photonics market - European joint booth at the new APE 2024

Together with EPIC and W3+ Fair, the IVAM Microtechnology Network is organizing a joint booth at the new Asia Photonics Expo in Singapore. The partners thus provide interested companies from the European photonics industry with easy access to the Asian market.

Premiere in Bangkok: First IVAM joint booth at the Medical Fair Thailand

Get your free ticket and visit the IVAM joint booth at Medical Fair Thailand. IVAM will exhibit with its members at the renowned Medical Fair Thailand (MFT) for the first time this year. 

Matchmaking Event of IVAM and BVMed: Connecting MedTech and Microtechnology

Medical technology progress is based on a close technological partnership between component manufacturers, medical device companies and users. The goal is close cooperation and better interconnection of technology and medical expertise.

COMPAMED Innovation Forum 2023: High-tech sensor technology for innovative prevention and personalized therapy

The virtual COMPAMED Innovation Forum will focus on sensor technology for prevention and diagnostics on June 12, 2023.

LaserForum 2023 in Aachen, DE on March 14: Laser technology - tool for an energy-efficient future?

In the current energy crisis, alternative energy sources and energy-efficient systems are becoming more and more important. Companies such as Trumpf, Coherent and Schott will present the role of lasers in energy technology and how companies can use them to create an energy-efficient future.  

Microtechnology and Photonics: IVAM presents numerous activities at W3

IVAM will be present at the W3+ Fair 2023 on March 29 and 30 in Wetzlar with various activities: In addition to a forum session, a meeting of the IVAM Focus Group Photonics and the special exhibition area "Microtechnologies for Optical Devices" will be presented

Microtechnology enables a smart world: IVAM Hightech Summit shows innovations for digitalization

We are irreversibly on a path towards a "Smart World" - this would not be possible without microtechnology. The IVAM Hightech Summit 2023 will therefore presents innovations for digitalization on May 3 and 4 in Bochum.

MD&M West 2023: International medical technology trade fair starts in early February in California

MD&M West in Anaheim is one of the largest international marketplaces for design and manufacturing in medical technology. The IVAM joint booth is branded as special exhibition area "Micro Nanotech" in Hall C and shows a variety of microtechnology innovations. 

Prof. Dr. Harald Kuhn of Fraunhofer ENAS becomes Chairman of the Advisory Board of IVAM Microtechnology Network

Prof. Dr. Harald Kuhn, Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems ENAS in Chemnitz, joins the scientific Advisory Board of the IVAM Microtechnology Network as new chairman.

Networking and concrete projects: COMPAMED 2022 connected international medical technology players

COMPAMED once again proved its status as the world's leading marketplace for medical technology processes and components: Nearly 700 international companies from the medical suppliers industry provided comprehensive information on technology trends and future potential.

COMPAMED 22: International marketplace shows trends for the medical technology industry

COMPAMED is the leading international marketplace for medical manufacturing suppliers. After the pandemic years 2020 and 2021, full halls and exhibitors from all over the world await the international audience again this year. Modern medical technology for diagnostics and therapy must meet increasing requirements for mobility and energy efficiency. For this reason, the demand for miniaturization solutions of medical components remains at a high level. 

Quantum technology conference "QuApps 2022" shows relevance of future technology

Quantum technology and its applications are gaining relevance day by day and form the fundament for future technologies. After the successful launch in 2021, the second international quantum technology conference will be held virtually on December 6 and 7, 2022.